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About atheism

10 myths - and 10 truths - about atheism (Samuel B. "Sam" Harris)
SEVERAL POLLS indicate that the term "atheism" has acquired such an extraordinary stigma in the United States that being an atheist is now a perfect impediment to a career in politics (in a way that being black, Muslim or homosexual is not). According to a recent Newsweek poll, only 37% of Americans would vote for an otherwise qualified atheist for president To read

Report from Moscow: Religion and Atheism in Russia (Hatly M.)
I came back to Moscow after an eight-year absence expecting to find the country tightly in the hands of the anti-enlightenment. For years we have been hearing about American evangelists in Eastern Europe, feeding like vultures on the minds of helpless, ignorant and superstitious Russians and other peoples, taking every advantage of a supposed "spiritual vacuum" left after the collapse of communism.  To read

The Problem of the real Existence of God seen with the Eyes of a Physicist (Bahr Alfred)
In all large religions God is thought of as being the creator of men and the world, that is, the creator of the universe. And God existed already before space, time and matter was created. God was therefore capable to reside and govern in an absolute “nothingness” according to the theologians. Great thinkers of all times have attacked and criticized this God - idea with philosophical arguments. Despite of that the God - idea is still alive, respectively is being kept alive with questionable arguments and means. In what follows this idea of a Creator - God is analyzed and scrutinized with the logic of a physicist. To read
Religion as a Means of Power (Bahr Alfred)
Whenever in past epochs Prophets and Apostles talked about their Gods and about the orders their Gods supposedly had given, they never had the well - being of their fellowmen in mind, they rather used those religious notions as a means to rule and exploit men and the people and impose their will on them. Religion was therefore used only as a means of power and to nothing else. For instance, religion was never intended as an explanation of phenomena in nature.  To read

Phil Zuckerman "Atheism: Contemporary Rates and Patterns"
Assessing rates of belief or disbelief among large populations is extremely difficult. Determining what percentage of a given society believes in God – or doesn’t -- is fraught with methodological difficulties, most importantly: 1) low response rates, 2) non-random samples, 3) adverse political or cultural climates, and 4) problematic cross-cultural terminology. A brief discussion of each is warranted before presenting an accumulation of statistics concerning rates and patterns of atheism worldwide. To read 

Fagan Geraldine RUSSIA: Majority of Proposed Amendments "Against Constitution"
The majority of the hundreds of proposed amendments to Russia's 1997 law on religion - including the introduction of the term "traditional religion" - cannot be adopted because they contradict the country's constitution, Andrei Sebentsov, vice-chairman of the government's Commission for Religious Associations and chairman of the working group currently considering them, told Keston News Service in his office in the Russian parliament building (the White House) in Moscow on 28 November.  To read 

Uwe Siemon-Netto Analysis: Atheism worldwide in decline
There seems to be a growing consensus around the globe that godlessness is in trouble. "Atheism as a theoretical position is in decline worldwide," Munich theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg told United Press International Tuesday. To read 

Richard Dawkins - quote:

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